Calculating Your Lilith Signs


From my Tumblr blog @belovedcapricorns

Okay so I’m just finding this information out myself so I don’t really understand it all that well but apparently there are 4 types of Liliths:

  • Asteroid 1181 Lilith
  • True (Oscillating) Lilith
  • Black Moon (Mean) Lilith
  • Dark Moon (Waldemath Black Moon) Lilith

The most accurate of the Lilith signs is the Asteroid 1181 Lilith because it is an actual physical body that holds sustenance, whereas the other 3 liliths are extremely theoretical, based off of points that may or may not exist as they have not yet been confirmed in our lifetime.

However, despite this, many astrologers seem to use the true Lilith (oscillating) or mean Lilith (black Moon) when calculating an individuals natal chart. Astrology websites are also very wishy-washy on this and you might have to readjust the settings on an online calculator to properly figure out which Lilith is which.

This is…

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