A Sanctuary at Salt Springs State Park

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Loriginal Designs: Creative Consciousness Energy


“Travels near and afar, the waters’ rushing by.  Might it be the soothing streams, nature smiles a calming sigh.”

Connie Andrea Marchell

“Majestically Allowing; Authentic Pushing.  Nature.  Autumn. Water. Flowing. Winter.”

Lisa Ann Carucci Lash


“Interwoven Twin Flame Trees; Roots of Essence Sharing.  Balancing the Energy Ignites; Organically Mystical Infinite Caring.”

L.D. Marchell


“The Old.  The New.  The Opening.”

Lisa Ann Carucci Lash


“Merrily we skip and play; Happily we ponder.  The sights, smells, sounds, tastes and touches; Inner Knowing lighting up every hour.”

Connie Andrea Marchell


“Free Spirit.  Free Soul.  Freedom!!!”

Lisa Ann Carucci Lash


“White Buffalo Calf Woman Energy.”


“Upon the unbeaten path I pursue; In quest of answers still hidden.  Deeply ingrained within my soul; In nature all realizations given.”

L.D. Marchell


“Mountains and Hills, Bless the Lord; Praise and Exalt Him Above all Forever!!!”

Daniel 3:75

“Conscious Pause”

©Loriginal Designs

©Connie A. Marchell

©Lisa Ann Carucci…

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