A Colour So Alive ; Black

Originally posted on Ink Soaked Soul – Megha Bhartiya:
My days are so unlit, All I hear is, “You don’t fit”. I’m losing pace, I’m losing track. Why is everything turning black?  They’re painting my room again. With so many strokes. Which colour is that? I can’t comprehend. Oh wait, is it black again?  It’s…

The Last Wind of Autumn

Originally posted on Rivers Renewed:
I was caught off guard suddenly, by a rush or gust perhaps, flying by me in a blur of light either a hawk, a spirit unseen or the last wind of autumn leaving in a hurry.       Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

The medium

Originally posted on Illustrated Shorts:
It was a murmur he’d heard at least  ten thousand times before. The one minute and twenty seconds of silence after the pre-show music was simply too much provocation for some; the restlessness spreads with the passing of every second, it gnaws relentlessly on  expectant minds, raising questions and heightening  tension.…