Past Lives; little clues who you might have been

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I find the subject of past lives very interesting. While I am not an expert on them I have come across many details from my past lives in my life travels either in a therapeutic context or via other psychics. The truth is we are eternal and as such our soul never ceases to exist. Sometimes it resides up in the Higher realms or Heaven but many times we choose to learn about ourselves and God through many different lives in many different guises.

Different bodies, different times

We change our sex, sometimes we might be male and sometimes female. We change countries, we change the historical time we choose. We choose our bodies and the city or area we live in. We choose which of our soulmates we will incarnate with in each lifetime. We have a team of soulmates or kindred souls who we share many lives in…

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One thought on “Past Lives; little clues who you might have been

  1. I am interested in this subject as well. I think aren’t we all? But it always brings me full-circle to question answers, as well as full-circle ‘home’ to family. Life IS the conundrum of our thoughts.


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