Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT White Galactic Worldbridger Kin 86 and 86th blog post. Day 58/812

I, Isis, am all that hath been, that is or shall be.I, who made light from my feathers, the wind from my wings, no mortal man ever hath me unveiled! – Until now.  — (inscribed on Isis temple in Sais)

As the morning star disappears Sumerian goddess, Inanna descends into the Underworld where she must pass through 7 gates. At each gate (corresponding to the 7 chakras) she is stripped of one of her powers. Finally she enters the inner sanctum, naked, and stands before the Queen of the Underworld. She is annihilated but then from the love of the people she is resurrected, regains her royal status and arises as the Queen of Heaven.

Last Lunar Moon, Venus disappeared from the morning sky and will rise again as the evening star on December 4, 2014, Yellow Planetary…

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