The Race Thing Again

Mind if I bang my head against the wall?

I was just reading a blog post written by a fellow heathen, that I’m not going to name. It was an interesting piece and I greatly enjoyed it! Until, all of a sudden, the writer started talking race. Started talking about Whites and how we are under attack by the big bad multicultural world. How we’ll go extinct if we don’t fight back. Of how the Norse gods belong to us Whites. And I just. Want. To. Scream.

So let me just make this statement, for anyone who has stumbled in here with the impression that Heathens are racists, white supremacists. Some are. Yes. Absolutely. But lots and lots are not. Please, please know this.

I do not give a fuck what the colour of your skin is, and I do not believe the Gods do either.

Forget White. Forget…

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