The disappearing Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti

Amarna Anniversary

Kom el-Nana, site of a solar shrine for Nefertiti, is one of the last surviving peripheral cult complexes of ancient Akhetaten. Jacquelyn Williamson talks about her work reconstructing wall reliefs from the site, and its precarious condition.

Starting in the late 1980s and ending in the 1990s Barry Kemp and the members of the Egypt Exploration Society team excavated an area called Kom el-Nana, located in one of the southernmost sections of Tell el-Amarna. They were able to document a large walled compound the size of five American football fields that held many different structures inside. In addition to an industrial scale brewery (one of only a few from Amarna) there were two stone buildings and several brick buildings, one of which is likely to be a Window of Appearance structure. One of the most intriguing features of the site however is the fact that it is divided…

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