Stabbing the Dark: An Interview with Charles Holdefer


Charles Holdefer, author of the novels The Contractor and Back In The Game, is an American writer currently based in Brussels, Belgium. His story collection Dick Cheney in Shorts has just been released as a pocket book by Sagging Meniscus. His fiction has appeared in many magazines, including The New England Review, Chicago Quarterly Review, North American Review, Los Angeles Review and Slice. His story “The Raptor” also appears the 2017 Pushcart Prize Anthology. More information is available at

Curtis Smith: Congratulations on Dick Cheney in Shorts. This is your first story collection after putting out four novels. Let’s talk about the genres first. Were you a novel writer first or did you start with stories? What’s the difference between them for you in terms of process, engagement, and reward?

Charles Holdefer: I’ve always written both long and short forms, and I would…

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