Falling into obscurity



Falling into obscurity
the only warmth comes from washing my hands now days
coffee feeds the fueling fire
one step at a time
learning how to handle the bull all on my own again
flipping through pages of revered books
searching for words to make the pain stop
peeking out from sentences
slashing with knives at eyes
their spines sit staring
lashing out
to feed off the energy
sickness explodes from perverse ideas
or was it a love
a love revered forever
sipping lust from my lips
nursing that 2am beer
biting teeth
on tip toe tango dance patterns
taped to the wooden floor of my heart
my aching mind pushing forward
but my shoes are worn
filled with holes
needing to be replaced
sit me on the steps of the mission
breathe me onto someone else
these sultry streets
dimly lit back alleys
another piece…

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