Disturbed: The chaos in Paintings

I enjoyed this one…! 😜

Cigarettes and Broken Strings

I have been watching, studying and appreciating a decent amount of art lately – paintings, sketches, photography, sculptures, even a few graffiti. Although I have been fascinated by photography andphotorealism for a long time and I love practicing them both, I think I’ve really started to fall for paintings with a little distorted vision.

There is a reason most people like paintings and sketches more than photographs. That being said, I do not mean to say that photography as an art form in any way is inferior to painting. Both are admirable forms of art.

But Paintings, those are something else altogether. It’s astounding that what is now a masterpiece, something that stupefies the senses was nothing but a piece of blank canvas or a white piece of paper. They make us feel in a way, Godlike, I think. It is a creation of our own mind, the creation we…

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