Adventures of the intimately disabled

El Mocky & JPK


by Vahur Afanasjev

order to tell all, I have to start with a well-known joke. A circus
arrives in a small town – clowns, acrobats, ponies and a huge elephant.
As in most jokes, there is a Russian, a German and an Estonian in the
small town. The Russian looks at the elephant and thinks: ?What a big
creature this is; if we could kill it and make cutlets out of it, we
could have enough snacks for life!? The German looks at the elephant and
thinks: ‘Well, this is indeed a huge animal, and very strong – we
should put it to work, build something, demolish something else!? The
Estonian looks at the elephant and thinks: ‘I wonder what it might be
thinking about me??

The protagonist of Peeter Helme’s novel
September is like the Estonian in the joke. He is constantly guessing
what others are thinking about…

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