Why I started VRS CRFT

poetry coaching + editing service

I started VRS CRFT with the aim of developing a service I would want to use.

There comes a point when it’s useful to get another set of eyes on your work. So often though I’ve found those other sets of eyes are the source of more doubt.

After attending a critique circle in Philadelphia, or a one-day workshop, or even an 8-week workshop, I found it incredibly difficult to get myself to revisit the suggestions for revision. Who was I in this process anymore? I felt like I had already given my poems away.

Hindsight is not always 20/20. At the time of the critique, when poets were actively talking about what was working or not working in a poem, it was easy enough to tell myself there was a problem if it was pointed out by several others in the group. But far more often, one poet would…

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