A Shaman’s view on the simplicity of Synchronicity and the secret formula to life

Enjoyed this POV; though I see and hear ‘the gods’ vs. a god -the sentiment towards one’s respect, worship, honor-of and practice towards who/whomever a person is worshipping can be a universal thing…in my humble opinion… 😉

The Church of Rock 'N' Roll

I have this discussion nearly daily in my life in various places with a wide range of faces.

As a Shaman it’s part of me doing my job to understand stuff like this that serves very little real purpose other than teaching it to other people so they will stop wondering about it.

Luck is a fable an coincidence is for the foolish.

In simplest terms there is a reason for everything. There is a reason you had that 5 second glance across the crowded room that one time and never saw each other again. Just because we might not know what that reason is does not mean that one glance was not meant to be.

Synchronicity is two or more people arriving to the same location for an event.

Time is a figment of our imagination and we created it to log our memories and understand why it gets…

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