A Girl With No Name

Confessions of an Insomniac

If you woke up one day

To find you were me

You’d tear out your eyes

You’d claw till you bleed

Cause if you felt my memories

And lived through my dreams

My story would wreck you

And break you down to your knees

Born with a name

That I didn’t believe

Born with a broken heart

Stitched onto my sleeve

In a world full of shame

In a town with no dreams

My soul laid to waste

Beneath barren trees

My hands are tattooed

With the ink of my sins

I could lie to you,

Promise I’ll never do it again

But if you woke one morning

Inside of my head

You’d take the blade to the vein

To watch the blood run red

I’ve been reborn a few times

Each kills more than the last

I’ve died young, and grown old

In a place that won’t last


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