Agni Prasada Burning

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I think almost every one of us got to experiment around with wood burning at one point during our childhood. At least I have memories of my eight-/nine-year-old self, vigorously gripping the wood burning pencil and trying to burn a steady line into that piece of wood that was supposed to be a bread board (yes, some Germans do not use plates for their Abendbrot, they use wooden boards), adorned with the image of an hedgehog. Well, my lines were rather clumsy …  I never got much further than that with wood burning (for a reason), but the wood burning by Stef Butler from Walsall, England, goes waaaaay beyond those childhood experiments of mine.

Stef calls herself a pyrography artist. Which sounds just as rad as her work is. Her lines surely are not clumsy, but precise, and allow her to carve out every detail of her pictures painted…

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