The Darkness over America

Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

Here in London, at the Book Fair, the fact of being American is an embarrassment. Darkness has spread across the land.  We find ourselves in America, surrounded by hate.  Hatred for Muslims, for Latinos, an indignation that rose during the Obama administration and culminated in a kind of white fury.  White uneducated Americans could not tolerate the transition from an African American president to a woman president.  The joy and pride that progressive Americans felt at having Obama as president, at the rise in LGBT rights, in the welcome experienced by many Muslims in communities across the country, that joy and pride was not felt by poor white Americans who feel rage at the rising power of Latinos, African Americans, women and the gay community.  Who are you to think you have a place at the table?  Who are we?  Sitting here in London, talking with people from all over…

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