Barb Knowles: 31 Years Sober and Counting

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Barb Knowles is the wit and wonder behind Sane Teachers, a blog about family, teaching, and being in recovery. Last year, Barb achieved an impressive milestone: she celebrated 31 years of sobriety on October 5th, 2016. We spoke to Barb about her story — how she discovered she was an alcoholic, how she got sober, what keeps her in recovery, and a bit about the sobriety community of

Barb Knowles

Read “Once Upon an Alcoholic,” the post in which Barb shares more about her sobriety journey on marking 31 years sober.

You marked 31 years of sobriety on October 5th, 2016 — what’s helped you stay sober?

The most important thing has been not to drink. I have made decisions in my adult life, in sobriety, that were not good decisions. But I didn’t drink. I went to 12-step meetings and listened and didn’t drink…

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