Submission Calls for Writers 2/25/2017

Denton Loving


Here are 10 new opportunities for writers working to submit to journals and magazines.  If you find any success with these lists, I’d love to hear from you.  Good luck!

Pithead Chapel Seeking Volunteer Nonfiction Readers

Would you like to be a nonfiction reader for an online literary journal? Pithead Chapel is seeking volunteer nonfiction readers to join our staff. Interested candidates should send the following information: a paragraph or two stating why you’d be a good fit with the journal, along with the approximate amount of time you can devote to the journal each week/month. Thank you for your interest!

Poetry City, USA

Poetry City, USA is open for submissions until February 28, 2017.  Submit three previously unpublished poems in a single Word file (.doc,. dox). Do not include your name anywhere in the file.

riverSedge: A Journal of Art and Literature

Since 1977, riverSedge has…

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