Deal Me In 2017 – January Summary



So, yes, my best-laid plans of producing a weekly wrap-up post (as I did in 2015) have fallen by the wayside.  The simple fact is that there are just too many participants this year to make that practical given the limited time I have to spend on this blog. BUT what I have been trying to do – and what I urge YOU to do as well – is sharing posts that I see and read on Twitter using the hashtag #DealMeIn2017. If you are a twitter user as well you can use the hashtag and help provide a sort of one-stop shopping for those of us who want to see what everyone else in the challenge has recently read and what their thoughts about it were. Check this link to see what’s been shared on Twitter thus far. See how easy that was?

By my back-of-the-envelope-math, there will be…

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