The Victorian Gothic


So, in honour of Charlotte Bronte’s unbirthday (shut up, they’re totally a thing and it’s not just an excuse to better understand Jane Eyre), we’re having a look at the conventions of the Victorian Gothic this week. But before we can look specifically at the Victorian Gothic genre, let’s get some things straight about the Gothic genre in general (we’ll look at this in greater detail in a later article, but for now this is what you need to know) :

The goths love death, decay, and madness. Especially when it happens to rich people. Who doesn’t love seeing a wealthy aristocrat gradually lose everything they own, including their mind? Not to mention, a common trope is the belief and the fear that ancestral sins will come back to bite their descendants- let’s face it, the farther back and higher up you go, the bigger bastards the people are. (*cough*…

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