Luv it!


The ground has teeth here.

They love to open and gnash and swallow humans whole.

They’re grey as life’s goal and end…

Looking there fills you with fear.


The goth wannabes be hanging onto that uvula,

The oldsters are avoiding the place like the plague,

Because love of death is the worst hamartia

And it shall take and take and take.


Then, on nights like tonight,

The ghosties and ghouls come out and dance

The vampires come out to bite,

And the witches put you in a trance.


Welcome to Necropolis! They sing,

It’s the city of the dead,

Where everyone’s welcome eventually, by hoof or by wing,

With or without a head.


Welcome to Necropolis!

It looks like a dead little graveyard to you,

But it’s our metropolis!

And there’s just so much to do!


You can scream and cry and howl at the…

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