Some background on the world of the Witch

The Glenaster Chronicles

I thought I might start posting a little bit about the background to the world of the Witch, and of Glenaster and its surroundings.

The story originally grew from another “high” fantasy tale I was working on, which grew increasingly convoluted and sprawling, to the point where in the end I abandoned it.

I wanted to work on something more “straightforward” (though I soon learned that once you really commit to a writing project, nothing is straightforward) – a story about a group of children whose village is ravaged by dragons, servants of a distant witch who holds the world in her thrall.

The children set out on a mission to find the Witch and destroy her, and along the way meet a range of characters, and discover what lies beyond their once safe home.

So far, so recognisable – this is the set-up for pretty much every heroic fantasy…

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