9 Varieties of Play

Light Play ~ Evolution

The 9 play varieties are: move, music, chat, feel, art, imagine, touch, random, suspense. Rather these are the fun ‘nicknames’ i have given them. we will explore all of the categories of play in depth and how they relate to each other. you can categorize play types in many ways, i chose this way to show how different play types relate and intersect. play types are all different patterns of energy as perceived through different senses.

Each play variety has ‘flavors’ within that type. like red, blue, green, or fast, slow, jittery, or happy, sad, reminiscent. Normally i don’t think about play varieties while i am playing, i don’t categorize them, yet it can help to be aware of it before hand, like you have to plan or set up an environment where play can happen, you plan to not plan, that’s the sort of paradox or zen of it. it’s…

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