Glinsk Castle, Galway, Ireland

Visions Of The Past Glinsk Castle is often referred to as the last castle built in Ireland, marking a important juncture in Irish castle architecture in the early part of the 17th century. In the decades preceding the 1641 rebellion most of the landed gentry of Ireland began to build large manor houses with less… Read More Glinsk Castle, Galway, Ireland

the good ones die

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? i wish i could recall the pulsing safety of my mother’s red, warm womb that sacred burrow i curled where all i heard was the watery song of her galloping heart & the indistinct voice of my uncertain future where she’d forget i ever lived within her where i…

9 Varieties of Play

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The 9 play varieties are: move, music, chat, feel, art, imagine, touch, random, suspense. Rather these are the fun ‘nicknames’ i have given them. we will explore all of the categories of play in depth and how they relate to each other. you can categorize play types in many ways,…