From the Witch’s Bedtable



The word does not allow women like Eleanor, women like me, to thrive.  The world cannot tolerate women who think and feel.  Women like me.  When we weaken, or when we get old, the word falls on us with the weight of a waterfall.  We cannot bring out our gifts to the world.  The world we live in will not tolerate things that cannot be understood, things that cannot be easily explained.  In this world, a wise woman hides her gifts.  Eleanor Cobham was an inquiring woman.  She met with others who sought the truth.  She educated herself, and she sought masters with whom to study.  She paid a terrible price for this.  She was an ambitious woman.  She paid the price for this , too.

The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

Rule 1.  Revive the Old Myths.  Around the world, many peoples have much-;over and magnetic old…

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