Lion, Lion

Preston Bryant

Lion, Lion roaring through this core

Your gaze is mine and so we soar.

On top of mountain rocks, where furry legs are crossed,

Who dares to defy this royal heart of ferocity?

Where others meet, the so called “seers”

You and me, we’ve drowned in fears—


Teeth ripping through the flesh of hell

Now free from fire, we joke to tell.

These unwavering eyes have seen too much,

A hungry heart, we’ve stalked in dust

For that God, that so called Light,

In the desert of thirst

We died

And then took flight.

Now reborn, the cub must crawl

As a child, innocently, through an adult door

This knowledge of purity is wrought

With gifts of the unspeakable sort.

When God took away my fears,

He turned me into a child.

When God gave me a life to take,

He took mine instead.

“I” was fake.

Lion, lion…

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