Free-Flowing ( a spoken piece)/Author: Kim Moore

LUV’n this one! 👏 😄

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No particular sentences in arrangement.

No periods or apostrophes

showing possession or the verb it came with.

No subject, no substance, no chorus

but chords struck this;

plucked this right from the top

of where my first thought derived,

sitting in my system

to be released by my fingers

and the sound lingers

until I’m able to recite it.

I’m forgetful of all that I write. It

causes me to be paralyzed,

fixed on the stanzas,

Motioning hands and all that propaganda

to make you realize where I’m coming from.

If I leave then you’ve lost one,

But gain knowledge

in all that I’ve left with you.

Scoot up close to get a better view.

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