Cold & Rainy Day Photos

A Woman. Her Dog. Their Journey.

Lonely Flower

Lonely Flower 2

Remember the big, leafy tree in front of my building? This is it now.

Jernee and I are safe inside where it’s warm and dry. I was thinking of giving her a bath tonight, but I may just hold off until tomorrow evening. It has been raining ALL day. The temperature never reached the expected 45 degrees. It camped out at 41 after 10:00 am and did not move until an hour ago. It’s 40 degrees now and still raining.

I am blessed that our city and surrounding areas are getting the much needed rain.Other cities still aren’t seeing the rainfall needed to sustain crops, plant life, etc. I am prayerful that this’ll turn around soon.

Peace and blessings for a great week ahead, beautiful people.

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