God And The Mystical Experience

Amazing thoughts on the “mystical experience,” or as we pagans call it- unique personal gnosis.!!!

Preston Bryant

In this paper, I am going to prove that the introvertive mystical experience of God allows the experiencer to justify his belief in God because, while having the experience, he has no ability to think otherwise. Indeed, when you have, in the words of Meister Eckhart, “let God to be God in you (94),” thoughts are eradicated, and thus disallow the experiencer to question his ontological resonance—or union—with God. In this union, I am going to argue that the experiencer obtains a non-discursive knowledge for the evidence of God.

My paper will be structured as follows:  (1) this first section will cover what certain people define the mystical experience as, what it would look like and why it poses a deep philosophical problem (2) The second section of my paper will be a section solely dedicated to the defense of my thesis; that is, why I think the mystical experience…

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