Andrew Marcus Dances To Disappear


Preston Bryant

Andrew Marcus Strikes A Pose On A Green Wall Just Outside Of His Studio ComplexLike many of the extraordinary artists in the world today, Andrew Marcus, 58, has always felt a sense of isolation from the structure of society. This isolation, though unbearable at times, has given him the opportunity to deconstruct all the artificiality in it, in order to construct a world of his own–a world that is authentic and devoid of conditioning, a world where nothing is left but the truest expression of authenticity, a world where the ideas of “you” and “I” disappear.

As a young child growing up in Mount Vernon, New York, Marcus always had a knack for making art. While children were playing with toys at age 3, Marcus was drawing, sketching and creating.

But at the tender age of just 5, tragedy struck when his father passed away.

“After my father passed away, I didn’t have a direction. I was a lonely child,” Marcus said.

From that…

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