Lovely Autumn: Lovely Jernee

A Woman. Her Dog. Their Journey.

This weekend, Jernee and I found ourselves relaxing and enjoying every bit of what Autumn has to offer. I went to Asheville, NC yesterday for a day-visit with Elizabeth Helmich (she no longer blogs at the moment) and had loads of fun as I usually do. I came back home to give the Little Monster all of the attention she craved. Today, we took several walks and I snapped a few pictures of our Autumn adventure. Pretty soon, there will be no pretty leaves to capture as Winter makes her entrance in the next two months. So, here are the pictures:

img_20161106_085958 Leaves of Autumn.

img_20161106_090028 Jernee getting a good sniff of what Autumn has to offer.

img_20161106_090053 Jernee, this time, giving the grass a deep sniff.

img_20161106_090124 Forever in bloom…

img_20161106_090222 It is my belief that Jernee sees, smells, and hears my late Grandmother in the flowers.

And, this is all. There isn’t anymore…

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