Of Yesteryear Review

Often they say that reading organic poetry is a lot like experiencing the transcendence of one’s soul where, after reading just one page, one automatically feels lifted.

Reading Lauren Eden’s Of Yesteryear is a lot like that.

Each piece makes you feel understood and listened to. Each emotion grasped is one that is so personal and so tender. And this poetry book is one that enlivens the broken lover within you, by lauding the paradoxicalities of love – the kind of love that you know is doomed to begin with but that isn’t enough to stop you from taking the plunge.

Of Yesteryear is a celebration of contemporary love; with all its imperfections, technicalities, jitteriness, warmth and delicacy. This poetry book is a reflection of many young people who have fallen, risen and aren’t afraid to fall once again. Every single poem creates a passion, hope and hurt all mended…

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