The Obscure Journey

Alone in solitude, in the dark

when no one is watching,

Our character is revealed to us.

When no one is watching, excuses are not worth it.

In darkness, we find light.

Quiet, peaceful, inspirational, enlighting  moment.

Have courage, don’t fear.

For it’s moments in solitude that offer us hope.

We need not despair, calm and ingenuity lie there.

The world may knock us down,

But you never will.

It helps us to see what our eyes do not

Alone is not alone at all.


Yashpal Kothari.

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One thought on “DARK QUIET

  1. This beautiful poem speaks to me directly. There are times, often times, that I feel abandoned, lost, in despair and alone but ultimately….”Alone is not alone at all”. Thank you for posting a wonderful and insightful poem. ~~dru~~

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