The Ghost

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She saw her future unravelling, consumed by him completely not a trace of hope for her ghost his words tattooed on her flesh, cutting out an old woman’s shape binding himself to her he used her younger self to sew up his damaged life until her own was frayed beyond…

A witches’ brew to find everything

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via Daily Prompt: Jump You shall need the following: A safe haven wherein you forge your spell: A bubbling bazaar under an overzealous sun with dusty, red brick lined shrunken lanes, cunningly tucked in banal corners; their narrow veiled entrances visible only to a pair of eyes curious or habitual enough.…

Carry You In The Rain

Your toe broke through the sole of your shoe. I didn’t want you stepping on the cold, wet ground. I put you on my back – my boy almost seven – and had trouble walking. A friend of… Source: Carry You In The Rain


  Meditation is a wonderful beneficial relaxing experience, it allows to shut out the outside world for a little while, for us to be calm and alone with ourselves, to clear our thoughts obtain… Source: MY SECRET TIP FOR MEDITATION