Book Review: Homo Deus

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This review was written for, and was first published by, Bookmunch. “An accessible and wide ranging exploration of the changing lives of homosapiens through the ages” – Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, is an accessible and wide ranging exploration of the changing lives of homosapiens through…

Sinai: Searing in Sand and Sun

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In the summer of 2009, I devoted two weeks to the Sinai Desert. I loved my initial impressions of Egypt. Serenity and beauty abound. Egypt beams with radiant energy, from the ever-shining sun, and all those damn pyramids. I experienced Egypt, but not an extensive tour. My focus: the…

Another universe

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In another universe you come home to me. ? We argue and make up and don’t sleep together. ? In another universe we dance all night. ? We sit on the waterfront and eat brunch and kiss. ? In another universe I am well enough. ? We say ‘I love you’…


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Another spontaneous Saturday night, you and I, rock and roll and warm white wine. We share a moondance, barely clothed, twisting in the violet light and baring our teeth to the omniscient and unforgiving sky. You replace the cigarette that dangles from my tired lips with an urgent kiss and I…

The greatest paradox

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All greatness derives from it. It´s behind all noteworthy achievement. The connexion with it bestows sense, stability and abundance. It heals all wounds. Soothes the tired heart. IT is more Real than real…- yet beyond all conscious search.