Chaos Paganism’s Calendar: Samhain for a Modern Pagan

Most Excellent! Samhaim also =My Birthday (11/2), so it’s a seriously charged-up event for me and my gods.!!! #stoked 😵

Finding the Path

Samhain is next month, and I’m excited! It’s my favorite holiday, both secularly and spiritually. I absolutely intend to wear a costume, even if only a simple one, that Monday evening to class!

Traditionally–as much as anything can be traditional in such a young spiritual community–Samhain has a strong connection to the Ancestors and Death, and is also considered the Wiccan/Pagan New Year; distinction left fuzzy to represent those for whom the line between Wicca and Paganism is fuzzy.

For me, Samhain is one of the more important holy days of the year, but I’ve never really connected with the “New Year” aspect of the holy day. I strongly enjoyed the related activities and workings involved, such as letting go of old habits and patterns no longer needed, and cultivating new ones. But I am a modern Pagan in a modern world, in a culture where New Year’s Day is…

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