Heroes: A Story of The Violent Century

Luv’d this one.!!! 😊

Lavie Tidhar

My latest short story is now up online at Strange Horizons. There s also an audio version.

“Heroes” is a stand-alone episode in the world of The Violent Century, and part of a small cycle I’ve been working on featuring Spit, who otherwise appears in a relatively minor role in the novel. Another story, “Aftermaths”, appears only in the US hardcover edition of the novel, and a third, “The Rainmaker”, will appear in the anthology Adam’s Ladder from PS Publishing, at some point.

The story was written for a Spanish charity anthology, WhiteStar, edited by Cristina Jurado. The anthology will be out in November, with profits going in support of cancer research. I was asked to write something to do with a David Bowie song, and “Heroes”, with its Berlin Wall subject, seemed appropriate.

There’s no particular requirement to read the novel first, of course! The…

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