Book Review: Cartes Postales from Greece



“The gods gave the Greeks this idyll, but look what they have done with it.”

Cartes Postales from Greece, by Victoria Hislop, is a series of intriguing vignettes woven into the story of a spurned lover’s odyssey, which is itself wrapped inside a tale of misdirected communications. A journey, both physical and spiritual, is documented in a series of postcards and then a notebook, posted to a woman the sender did not know.

The book includes beautiful, colour pictures of each setting in Greece. Set alongside the prose, they evoke an idyll, yet this is not a tale of paradise found. As with anything touched by man, there is also darkness.

The story opens in London where a young women is working in telesales having left her family home in Cardiff to seek the capital’s bright lights. That brightness is still lacking from her life. When postcards start arriving at…

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