Snake In The Grass




Anyone for hidden objects? Can you spot the serpent in the twigs? 3/4’s right and center height, laying atop the thin and spindly light beige brush. If not, best to not go in the water. Nor am I picking it up to be certain what it is because I’m thinking Water Moccasin, other-wise called the Cotton Mouth Moccasin. We have three varieties of non-venomous water-snakes in these parts, Banded, Brown and Green according to the FWC. web-site, and it is not always a simple thing to tell one from another, or from with a more venomous attitude. The thickness at the tail and overall charcoal-ish cast of this one warns me to keep my fingers off!

The photo is of a small run-off ditch that empties into the Indian River Lagoon and as a youngster, it was a common occurrence to find my bare-footed self traipsing along any number of similar…

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