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I am a writer, have always been, but have only acknowledged myself to possess something worth passing on, in the last year.  When I realized I have something to pass on, it was wonderful to realize that I was a writer, and therefore could indeed pass something on.

That is, I acknowledged Who I Am, finally.


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Mentally impaired

unjustly compared

 I dared,

 tell them how I fared,

 then stared


 their silence. 


 They mused.



 I bruised,



 I left.


 Took their prescription

 with me,

 dimmed me

 hindered me

 bent me shaped me.


 I wrestled.




© Noeleen&Daniel 50/50 – 2012  All Rights Reserved. This material reprinted with the permission of the author for use on Plain Friends blog.

Pen name: N’n

Citizen Plain

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