Why are so many leaving Social Media?

This is Bitchin’. And, spot on.!!! 😉


Some days I open my Facebook page to find myself in the midst of a social media war zone. Social media is fast becoming less and less of a pleasure for many of us. I have many friends who have left Facebook or Twitter entirely and some who are deliberately avoiding those and other social media sites, for many months now, even a year. Some are never coming back. What could possibly be behind this shift in the wind where so many are taking leave of an almost anti-social place we once thought fun and social? While my own ongoing observations and opinions may not be one hundred percent conclusive, I think with my years online I know at least a couple of reasons why this is happening.

People don’t “hear” you right. Yes, I said “hear.” Too many jump to conclusions over almost nothing and all of their communication…

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