Unicorns, Spaceships, and Why I Can’t Live Without Them

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What is a story?

Is it an escape from the troubles of the real world? A morality tale meant to instruct people on good and evil? A nice diversion on a free evening, to be consumed and forgotten?

Or is it more?

Five years ago, I would have said ‘no.’ I would have told you that stories – especially speculative ones – were fun entertainment at best, and a harmful distraction at worst.

You see, I tried very hard not to be a fantasy author.


Inventing stories was always compulsive for me. I created my first storyworld when I was three. I switched up the characters and concepts repeatedly as I grew older, but each time I gravitated towards fantasy or sci-fi.

But I didn’t see it as anything other than a fun hobby. Tales of unicorns and spaceships were fun, but they didn’t seem useful. They didn’t help anyone…

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