Shout Until Your Voice Is Lost

LOVE this.!!! 😊

Ash N. Finn

Cath’s nose picked up on a damp dog kind of smell when she woke up. Her joints were aching and dampness had oozed into her body from the mattress underneath her. The rain had stopped and a beam of sunlight angled its way toward the tip of her nose, tickling her. She opened her eyes and saw the little crack in the roof above her through which it pointed at her as if to say, found you.

What a strange dream she had experienced just before waking of handcuffs and strange men and farms and sheds and danger, confusion, escape and capture, a mother’s voice, and violence, blood and death, and a dog. She stretched her aching limbs and noticed that she could not move her legs. Something was weighing her down, pinning her ankles to the mattress. She propped herself up on her elbows and saw a dog lying…

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