4 Tips for Writing in the Midst of Real Life

Janeen Ippolito


Life is complex. Writing is complex. And writing while maintaining a life outside of writing is double-complex. If you’re reading this and you’re a fellow part-time novelist (to quote an excellent article by Mike Duran), then hats off to you for continuing on!


If you’re reading this and you’re a full-time writer, then you might be on a different playing field, but I’m a (sorta) full-time(ish) writer in summers, around the odd summer camp gig and preparing for the next school year, so I know that those swaths of time can fill up all too easily. Plus, it IS important to eat as well. Sometimes. Hats off to you as well!


My life is crazy busy right now, what with being a full-time teacher and catching up after a fantastic play season with the largest cast I’ve ever directed (and The Plague hit during final rehearsals). So here…

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