Start Writing! A 10-Minute Toolbox for Overcoming Lethargy

Thank You. I needed this.!!! 😵

The Ink and Palette

We’ve all been there:

You’re sitting at your desk, your laptop/notepad is out, your fingers/pen are ready. You find yourself unable to think of anything. You almost don’t want to write as you are weighted down by lethargy.

Jumping into writing after hours of not writing (or even thinking of writing) is hard. Harder than some may think, as it often seems like we’re trying to shift gears before the motor is ready. Therefore, we sometimes need a little boost, a little pre-writing warm-up to help click those writing cells from neutral to first without fear of stalling or grinding.

Multitudes of exercises are available in books and on the web. Indeed, these were made to improve your skill and understanding as a writer and, as any accomplished writer will tell you, skill comes with practice and these detailed exercises are made to help augment this skill.

But because many of…

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