Official Announcement for Issue 11

Jenny Magazine

I have been head editor of Jenny Magazine for a year now, and something that I wanted to make sure I did in this position was to both continue the mission of Jenny that was laid down when it was founded in 2010 and do something new with each issue. For Issue 9, we brought back the Featured Author section that existed in some earlier issues of Jenny; for Issue 10, we held a 10-Minute Playwriting Contest, to great success — so great, in fact, that part of what we’re doing for Issue 11 is having a regular, non-contest drama section, which we’re pretty excited about.

The main new thing for Issue 11, however, is that it’s going to be a theme issue: an issue dedicated to women writers and artists.

Whether they write novels or cover stories or op-eds, even the most talented women writers often aren’t validated in…

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