Magical Items and Writer Superstition

Corey D. Truax

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A younger me. My last deployment in the military was to Iraq. I was attached to a team of pipe-swinging Army guys. I was their combat camera goofball. I documented missions as they happened shoulder-to-shoulder with them (well, truth be told, more out of their way and to their right. You always photograph and video Special Forces guys from the right. It makes them look more bad ass – that’s a pro tip).

On the last mission I ever went on with them, we found a giant cache of weapons hidden beneath a building in a speck of a town on the edge of the desert. I went down to take photos and document it before they blew it all to smithereens. Hidden among a pile of dusty AK-47’s and corroded artillery rounds was a pen. It was old, and silver, and engraved. I took it and put…

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