Forged of Stardust

Ye Olde Witch


~Forged of Stardust~

No dimmer is my spirit
Than that of cloudless skies
Unto my rivals, I shall rise
And may my glories shine

For I am forged of stardust
The waves of rugged seas
My feet have kissed the naked flames
Of those who challenge me

No weakened heart shall break me
No lies or hateful creed
For I am bound to Nature
Unlike man’s poisoned seeds

For I have been enlightened
Observing loops and ties
Destined for immortality
In life and death, I rise

I am no lifeless maiden
Chastised my mankind’s chains
With shards of light and wisdom
I’ve shaken loose his reins

For I am cast of theories
An oracle and sage
No trembler in Earth’s tempests
The keeper of an age

No coward is my spirit
My soul is pure and vast
I walk a path of virtue
Bound to a blessed past

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