Egg Timer by Katherine Ellis, author of the Crankrats webcomic

Writing Dragons


Today I am beyond excited to share with you the artwork of Katherine Ellis, posting as Sio64 on deviantart, and starting out with this wonderful dragon image called Egg Timer. Katherine sets the scene:

The concept is a mechanical dragon who needs to steal clocks. She welds them onto her eggs, and the timer starts until the hatchlings are ready!

I just adore this piece and her art style!  You may remember that yesterday I shared a cool image of a dragon clock with my Writing Thoughts post about planning.  Searching for a good “dragon with a clock” picture brought me to many great images and artists, including Egg Timer here, and I instantly fell in love with Katherine’s art.

However, as soon as I started exploring the rest of Katherine’s deviantart profile and gallery, I realized she needed an entire post of her own.  For instance, here is another of…

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