venomous scribbles


The enemy you see in me;
Will never falter or surrender;
And unless you set me free;
For a life time I?ll linger;

I will plot I will conspire;
Until I take it all;
I?ll live with only one desire;
To take back my soul;

I allowed you to be my reality;
I became the voice of doubt;
Now I am on the edge of insanity;
Broken and trapped without;

My plot began;
And soon you shall resign;
Enjoy it while you can;
Enjoy this vessel of mine;

Poison me with fear, drugs or liquor;
Do as you wish and will;
Lay cuts on my arms or do whatever;
You will never break my will;

Cast my beloveds afar;
Scar my face with tears;
Those who’ll know who you are;
Will help me conquer my fears;

With time I?ll emerge victorious;
With time this vessel will heal;
And on a…

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